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Procom Cleaning Solutions
 For all of your commercial cleaning needs, count on the experienced cleaners at Procom Cleaning Solutions of Methuen Mass for superior service. We offer full service, comprehensive solutions for businesses in need of cleanup, maintenance, and specialty services. Our professional cleaners have personalized services, they are all certified and highly trained, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Every service that we provide is customized to meet your specific needs. You won’t have to worry about hiring several companies for different jobs. In addition to cleanup services, we provide power washing, window washing, and painting services for your building’s exterior portion. We always stay up on the latest technology in the industry to ensure the highest quality level of service.

We take pride on our flexibility. If what you need ever changes, we will happily alter our services to accommodate you. We have experience working with all kinds of business, so we understand how to work around and with sensitive equipment. We are very well organized to ensure that your place of business stays healthy.

We cater to:

  Retail Establishments
  Day Care Centers
  Transportation Hubs
  General Office Spaces
  Dialysis Centers

  General Offices / Banks
  Dialysis Centers
  Transportation Hubs
  Day Care Centers
  MRSA Prevention

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  Children’s Day Care Facilities
  Dialysis Center
  Health Clubs
  Healthcare Offices
  Seacoast Janitorial  Maintenance Packages
  Office Cleaning
  Real Estate Construction
  Retail And Shopping Center
  Schools and Educational Facilities

If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
01810 Andover978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01812 Andover978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01812 Internal Revenue Service978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01830 Haverhill978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01831 Haverhill978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01832 Haverhill978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01833 Georgetown978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01833 Haverhill978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01834 Groveland978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01835 Bradford978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01835 Haverhill978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01835 Ward Hill978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01840 Lawrence978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01841 Lawrence978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01842 Lawrence978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01843 Lawrence978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01843 South Lawrence978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01844 Methuen978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01845 North Andover978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01860 Merrimac978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01885 West Boxford978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01899 Andover978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01899 Bar Coded I R S978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01901 Lynn781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01902 Lynn781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01903 Lynn781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01904 East Lynn781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01904 Lynn781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01905 Lynn781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01905 West Lynn781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01906 Saugus781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01907 Swampscott781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01908 Nahant781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01910 General Elec Co781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01910 Lynn781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01913 Amesbury978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01915 Beverly978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01915 Beverly Farms978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01921 Boxford978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01922 Byfield978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01922 Newbury978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01923 Danvers978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01929 Essex978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01930 Gloucester978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01930 Magnolia978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01931 Gloucester978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01936 Hamilton978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01937 Hathorne978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01938 Ipswich978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01940 Lynnfield781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01940 South Lynnfield781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01944 Manchester978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01944 Manchester by the Sea978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01945 Marblehead781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01945 Mhead781/339Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01949 Middleton978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01950 Newburyport978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01950 Plum Island978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01951 Newbury978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01951 Newburyport978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01951 Plum Island978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01952 Salisbury978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01952 Salisbury Bch978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01952 Salisbury Beach978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01960 Peabody978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01960 West Peabody978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01961 Peabody978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01965 Prides Crossing978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01965 Prides Crssng978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01966 Pigeon Cove978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01966 Rockport978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01969 Rowley978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01970 Salem978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01971 Salem978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01982 Hamilton978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01982 South Hamilton978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01983 Topsfield978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01984 Wenham978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
01985 West Newbury978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
05501 Andover978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
05501 IRS Service Center978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
05544 Andover978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)
05544 IRS Service Center978/351Essex CountyMassachusetts (MA)

The following towns and Citys are included in our service area
General Offices/Banks

Procom Cleaning Solutions offers two basic maintenance packages to meet your cleaning and maintenance needs. Since we are locally owned and operated, we can adapt these packages to accommodate your individual cleaning requirements.
Cleaning Lobbies and Hallways

We pay special attention to areas that can escape the attention of other cleaning contractors. We use environmentally preferred cleaning products and equipment. Special odor-control products leave your facility smelling fresh and clean instead of overly disinfected.
Cleaning Restrooms

We pay particular attention to restrooms to assure this area of your facility makes a good impression on your tenants and visitors. Our services make sure your restrooms are clean, orderly, well-stocked, and odor-free.
Cleaning Individual Cubicles/Offices

Our staff is trained to respect the personal workspace of individual cubicles and offices, yet provide necessary cleaning and maintenance services.